Washing up area with fridge and hot water

This year we have installed a washing up area where 4 people can all happily wash up at the same time with an abundant supply of hot water to get the dishes gleaming.

We have also added in a large fridge and there is a freezer in reception where campers can freeze their own or borrow our secret campsite marked ice blocks

Showers and toilets

We have just completed the installation of new showers and toilets in an old stable and woodshed near to the planned forest garden, and a short walk from the meadow.

Most of the showers are free to use and there is enough space for a couple of people to get changed. There is a covered washing up area and a number of taps dotted around the site where you can fill up with drinking water.

The Thunderboxes

We have a couple of Thunderbox toilets in the meadow to provide a discreet and convenient option for midnight emergencies.

These thunderboxes compliment our sparkling new traditional toilets and will provide us with a useful product in a few years. It is a very clever system fine tuned by enthusiasts based in Devon, and increasingly seen at festivals and other outdoor, off grid events.


We source our campsite firewood locally from sustainably managed woodlands.

The adjacent woods are coppiced and managed as a fantastic wildlife reserve which the owners Nick and Harriet are happy for you to walk through as long as you stick to the paths, and they are delighted to hear about any sightings you make in the woods. We ask all campers not to collect any firewood and only to use wood supplied by us, or that you have brought either from home or from another sustainable supplier. Fallen branches and decaying trees help to maintain a healthy and vibrant ecosystem which enhance your interactions with nature.

Recycling, Solar Power and Rubbish

We have plenty of recycling facilities on site where you can happily send your unwanted glass bottles, paper, cardboard, cans and cleaned metal, recyclable plastic bottles as well as empty gas canisters.

Our showers, fridge and freezer are powered by a large solar PV array on the barn roof, which was installed in August 2012 by local community energy scheme OVESCO. The energy that it genereates during the day helps to heat the hot water for some of our showers and we are very happy to charge phones at reception. We even have a wide selection of power leads for this.

We have weekly rubbish collections.


We use our various sized trolleys for you to transport your kit and luggage out into the field, although I am often on hand to help you with this when you arrive and depart, please just ask.

We prefer this approach as it keeps the meadow free of cars, fumes and noise, and is far less disruptive on both the plants and animals living there full time, which makes for a far more exciting stay. It also keeps the campsite safer for children to roam.



First and foremost we are a campsite however we have created a number of spaces and structures around the site which we hope you will enjoy discovering and using.

Over time more will appear to add to the fun, whilst parents relax, cook, chat and read around the campfire.