Lots of space for a big tent

Each of our pitches can accommodate most sized tents, up to a small circus marquee and they are flanked by trees which, in time, will provide plenty of dappled shade. To ensure that you have the space and peace to enjoy your stay here, each one is increasingly well screened from neighbouring campers.

With no cars, caravans, motor homes or trailers allowed into the meadow there is a relaxed and independent feel to the setting. We have 12 pitches in the main camping meadow and a further three on the western side of the site near the showers. Two of these are amongst the fruit and nut trees making up our disorganised orchard, and one pitch is on a south facing bank near the buildings with views to the South Downs.


Campfires are an integral part of camping. Not only do they offer warmth, and an atmospheric backdrop to an evening’s games and discussions, but they also provide plenty of heat for cooking.

Each pitch has its own fire pit with access to a good supply of firewood which you can buy daily on site. Be it baking potatoes, toasting marshmallows or just boiling the kettle, as the stars start to twinkle, the camp fire becomes the centrepiece of your evening.