Our Secrets

Camp fires, wildlife, spacious pitches, a secluded meadow, great showers and edible plants

We are located in a beautiful and sparsely populated part of East Sussex, and our camping meadow is enclosed by both private and public nature sites.

These include great stands of ancient and coppiced woodland, and a site of nature conservation interest, SNCI. This mosaic of habitats is incredibly rich in wildlife and the secret campsite is lightly managed to create an environment where wildlife can thrive. The surrounding ancient woodland has been encouraged to advance at the edges of the camping meadow, which ensures an ever changing diversity of animals and plants for you to watch, hear, eat, smell and touch. Be it a glimpse of the deer processing through the woods, watching a sparrow hawk hunt along the hedgerows, a glow worm late at night, or hearing the nightingale sing after sunset accompanied by the frogs chorus you will leave Sussex with great memories and experiences.

The secret campsite is a chance for you and your family to connect with nature whilst enjoying access to great shower and toilet facilities. A sense of discovery awaits as you cross the old bridge and the camping meadow slowly reveals itself. Its seclusion ensures ink black night skies and moments of silence, coupled with a chance for you to wake to an uninterrupted dawn chorus.

By keeping the meadow car and dog free we enable wildlife to flourish, and this increases the number of encounters that you and your family will enjoy. It also ensures that it is a safe place for children to roam freely and explore, and we have an area of woodland where dens can be built and trees climbed.

We are landscaping the campsite using a wide variety of native and non native edible plants. Throughout the year these plants will start to reveal their hidden qualities and create an ever growing delicatessen of produce for you to pick and try. But please only ever eat plants that you can positively identify. Tim and Lisa Bullen take no responsibilty for any adverse effects from the use of plants.

Ultimately we are a campsite and not a theme park, but when you return each evening to the campsite from an exciting day exploring the Coast,  the South Downs, the local towns of Lewes and Brighton or the Sussex countryside, you can relax around your campfire, and enjoy the tranquility of nature.