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Secret Wildlife Festival tickets on sale now

Tickets have gone on sale for this years Secret Wildlife Festival at The Secret Campsite in conjunction with Sussex Wildlife Trust. The event runs over the weekend of 29th June – 1st July, with 2 nights camping included in the ticket prices. Tickets cost £78 per adult and £39 per child aged 5-16. Under 5’s […]

Sam Lees Nightingales around the campsite

Every year in spring we are lucky enough to play host to a growing group of nightingales in and around the campsite. Sussex is a great county for these secretive birds as they like to stay hidden ideally in some scrub or a prickly bush where they are hard to find for any prying eyes […]

New Year, New opportunities

2017 was a good year but as always when the next year arrives, everyone’s heads lift up and we start to think about the things we will do in the coming 12 months. My resolution is to get more wildlife opportunities into the site and to find some new sites where we can create more […]

Winter visitors arrive at the campsite

Its that time of year when the birds flock into the campsite in Sussex from Scandinavia to enjoy our warm weather and to eat the multitude of berries produced on our native plants, and also the cotoneaster we have in the garden. .Although The Secret Campsite is closed over the winter it remains very much […]

Fancy working for a forward thinking camping business?

We are looking for someone to join our dynamic team, to help us run our office. You will be based at The Secret Campsite near Lewes and if you think you might be interested in this exiting, hands on role,  read more about it here. However, if you would like to know more about us, […]

Pitch screening planted

We like to have private well screened pitches at The Secret Campsite. It’s is what our campers are looking for when they stay with us on a woodland edge in Sussex. Most of the pitches get lots of privacy from neighbouring campers with the long grass we allow to grow up between the pitches, however, […]

More sheep arrive to graze the campsite

George Monbiot is a great man but he doesn’t like sheep which is a shame if you are four footed and covered in wool. I do like sheep but only when they are doing a good job rather than hoovering the upland landscape and devoiding it of any wildlife.   Our sheep are used to […]

Birdboxes for the campsite

November is my favourite month of the year. Selfishly its my birthday, which means a few drinks with friends and some interesting presents. This year I have been inundated with the most fantastic set of bird boxes which we will be putting up around the campsite and on the new building which we have called […]

First frosts arrive with the sheep

Once the campsite is closed for the season, we get to work with landscaping different areas around the site. The Secret Campsite is set up to provide a fantastic array of habitats for a wide range of species. In turn this enables campers to come into contact with some beautiful and unusual creatures and plants […]

Electric car charging point installed

With our eyes to the future we at last got round to join the electric car revolution. To avoid us running out of fuel we have installed an electric car charging point at the campsite, which campers are welcome to use when it is free. The unit was installed with government grants by a firm called […]