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First frosts arrive with the sheep

Once the campsite is closed for the season, we get to work with landscaping different areas around the site. The Secret Campsite is set up to provide a fantastic array of habitats for a wide range of species. In turn this enables campers to come into contact with some beautiful and unusual creatures and plants […]

Electric car charging point installed

With our eyes to the future we at last got round to join the electric car revolution. To avoid us running out of fuel we have installed an electric car charging point at the campsite, which campers are welcome to use when it is free. The unit was installed with government grants by a firm called […]

Luxury camping pitches

In order to create the perfect camping pitch I need to look after the grass areas where everyone pitches their tents. Each autumn as the season starts to slow down and before the camping meadow at the secret campsite becomes waterlogged for the winter, a hazard of clay, i hire a grass aerator. This year […]

Rainbow at the secret campsite

This morning i had been outside working during a heavy sussex downpour, when all of a sudden the sun came out and i was treated to a beautiful rainbow appearing over the barn on the secret campsite. Rainbows are an amazing phenomena so i though i would have a quick look at what they are […]

The Nest is finished

Since last October we have been building our new reception and office at the campsite. It has been a lot of fun from the moment Jason and I designed the building to meet our needs. We wanted a spacious light reception, a workshop where Jason could create new Tree Tents Gridshells and other structure, and […]

Hornets move into the house

This is a boring post and a dreadful photograph just to say that a colony of hornets have set up home in our tile hung house which is next door to the secret campsite. We have had quite a few hornets around the campsite this year and campers  have been amazed to watch these timid […]

Hedgehogs take up residence

When we set up the Secret  Campsite in Sussex one of our targets was to create great habitats for a wide range of local wildlife. There are lots if unusual species residing at the campsite but it was particularly gratifying to spot a family of hedgehogs who have take up residence under the Gridshell and […]

Hide and seek goes wrong for moth caterpillr

We had a family camping with us last week who came across this fantastic caterpillar on a plant. The picture is brilliant and is a perfect example of an elephant hawk moth caterpillar.We get lots of them at the secret campsite and often see them as adults when we host the secret wildlife festival hosted […]

Wasp like creature corners me in reception

The sun was out this morning and i was happily chatting to a camper when who should waft its way into reception to order a coffee from the secret teapot but this massive wasp like creature. The campers left promptly, leaving me to serve it. On closer inspection i think i had uncovered a wood […]

Massive butterfly arrives at reception

Imagine my surprise this morning when I arrived to see this huge butterfly trying to check in at the campsite. You’ll be please to hear that we were full up so i wasn’t able to help however on closer inspection this is a trick. The butterfly was simply basking on the brand new sliding doors […]