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Wild grasses and flowers sown around the campsite

After all of the building work starts to end we can now replant some of the areas around the campsite with some interesting plants that will encourage lots of wildlife into the camping areas. The spoil excavated from the foundations for the new building has formed a large mound on the Bank and we are […]

First adder of the year

My wife was taking our new puppy Maisy out for a walk along the dismantled railway track that runs through the secret campsite and she came across this quite large adder sitting on the path. We have seen quite a few grass snakes already this year and there are loads of other signs of spring […]

Bat accommodation at the campsite

Being in the midst of the building project to upgrade our reception facilities has created a brilliant opportunity for us to provide even better accommodation options for some of our permanent residents at the secret campsite. This week Cliff and Ross have been installing ten new bat boxes which are tucked up under the eaves […]

Spring arrives at the campsite in Sussex

The first signs of spring in Sussex have been appearing around the campsite recently. This makes it a good time to go looking for snakes. The snakes hibernate over winter and then start to emerge from their burrows to bask in the early spring sunshine so that they can go hunting for prey to re […]

Goodbye to the Shetland Sheep

Every year we host a small flock of Shetland sheep. They are at the campsite to graze of the camping meadow during the winter. The sheep browse some of the scrub vegetation and eat back any excess grass left from the summer. This enables us to manage the whole camping area for wildlife diversity. We […]

Campsite reception will let the sunshine in

Over the winter we decided we needed to upgrade our reception and office space as we have a few exciting changes happening at the Secret Campsite this year. So, having dismantled the old buildings and recycled all of the recyclable parts we put down the foundations for our new campsite offices. The original building was […]

Sussex Snow flurry arrives at the campsite

There has been a lot going on at the campsite recently. The sheep have been busy grazing the camping meadow which was dusted in snow last week when the much awaited thunder snow failed to arrive. I thought i should get some pictures and then this morning we were treated to a beautiful sunrise. The […]

Book Now for this years Secret Wildlife Festival

We have set the dates for this years Secret Wildlife Festival which are 30th June to 2nd July and the tickets can now be bought online. Click on the book now button at the top of the page. Since we first ran the event in 2013 it has become a fantastic cornerstone of our camping […]

Work on the campsites new reception gets underway

Once the building was down we started to dig the foundation trenches ready to install the floor base. It is exciting to think that this time next year my office might be warm and campers arriving over the summer will be much easier to spot from the reception window rather than me needing bats hearing […]

Last years prices until the end of January

Happ New Year, I hope you had a good Christmas and got some new camping kit in your stockings. Our new rates for camping will go live from the end of January, so if you want to book at last years, 2016, prices, get your bookings in before then. You can make your booking for […]